40K1024 IBM 146GB 10K ULTRA320 SCSI 3.5INC HDD

40K1024 IBM 146GB 10K ULTRA320 SCSI 3.5INC HDD


อะไหล่ 40K1024 IBM 146GB 10K ULTRA320 SCSI 3.5INC HDD

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IBM 146GB 10K Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drive

Part Number(s)
IBM Part# 90P1306
IBM Part# 90P1310
IBM FRU# 32P0728
IBM Part# 32P0731
IBM Part# 40K1024
IBM Part# 39R7310

IBM Hot Pluggable Ultra 320 SCSI Hard Drives undergo an intense qualification process that eliminates data integrity problems firmware and O/S incompatibilities and other causes of data corruption or premature failure. IBM Ultra 320 Hard Drives are specifically designed and tested for flawless operation in your equipment. Configure your IBM server with a Genuine IBM Ultra 320 Hard Drive and you will prevent incompatibilities that can rob your system of performance or cause you to lose valuable data. Use the Genuine IBM Hard Drives that IBM recommends and enjoy our no fault lifetime warranty on this Hard Drive for as long as you own the server.

Category IBM HardDrive
Sub-Category 10K
Generation Ultra320
Part Number 40K1024
Products ID 143293
Manufacturer IBM
Capacity 146GB
Height 1.0 inch
Width 3.5 inch
Interface Ultra320 SCSI
Data Transfer Rate 320MB/s
Single Track Seek Time 0.55ms
Average Seek Time 4.9ms
Full Stroke Seek Time 10.0ms
Rotational Speed 10000RPM
Bytes/Sector 512
Data Storage Device Type SAS (Server attached storage)
Hard Drive Device Type Hard drive for server/storage unit (IBM)
สนใจติดต่อบริษัท ชอปปิ้งพีซี ดอทเน็ต จำกัด
โทร … 02-933-0022 , 081-318-9844