X-2000 Online SMD Components Counter System

X-2000 Online SMD Components Counter System

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Technical Parameters

Dimension: 3200mm*1300mm*2100mm
Weight: 2.5t
Voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz
Power: Max 2Kw
Loading method: Rotary type double station automatic induction loading (each station can cache 50 disks of 7-15 inch disk)
Unloading method:Rotary type double station automatic induction unloading (each station can cache 50 disks of 7-15 inch disk)
Abnormal material storage area: pre-test abnormal material storage area (automatic storage)
X ray tube brand: United States VJ
X ray tube voltage: 80Kv
X ray tube Max tube current: 700uA
Focal spot size: 30um
FPD Brand: Germany Iray
Detector Imaging area: 427*427mm
Pixel size:139um
Pixel matrix: 3072*3072pixels
Gray scale: 16 bits
Reel Inspection size range: 7- 17 inch (Contains smaller bulk material )
Reel Inspection thickness: 3-85mm
Min parts size :01005
Tray Coverage: Continuously update the database to cover 99% of the material on the market
Counting time: About 8~10s/reel. Barcode scanning Configurable 1D, 2D barcode scanning code gun, label printing Real-time printing of material code, point results
Counting accuracy 01005 accuracy rate >99.99%, 0201 accuracy rate =100%
Label printing: CCD visually identifies the old bar code coordinates on the tray, and pastes the new bar code onto the tray and overwrites the old bar code
Parts support: Resistance, capacitance, inductance, crystal, LED, diode, triode, multi-pin IC, etc.
Software: Support for automatic saving of SPC statistics, images and results in any format
System docking: ERP, MES, etc.
Radiation<1 μSv/Hour



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